Created to Engage
and Inspire.


Who We Are

Engaged Media Studios, Inc. is a digital media technology development and entertainment production company of seasoned entrepreneurs and creative innovators that specialize in producing transformational solutions, products, and immersive experiences that transcend boundaries in the video game, museum, sports & entertainment, industrial, and government market sectors serving a growing diverse customer base.


Ezra Jay

Co-Founder & Development Director

Sanjay Dahbi

Technology Lead & 3D Developer

Daniel Griggs

UX Lead & Developer

Our people create our culture. Our culture is what makes us different from all the rest.
We have impeccable integrity and a team first perspective always with the best
interest of our customers, partners and shareholders in mind.
Our approach is not, “one size fits all”. It’s a matter of knowing what works and
making it work for our customers.
We’re here because we love what we do. We have passion for our projects and great
level of appreciation for our customers.


What We Do

Engaged Media Phone Graphic Illustration

Engaged Media Studios takes digital to the next level. Our immersive, interactive products and services provide opportunities to transcend physical limitations and explore new worlds and new experiences.

At Engaged Media Studios, it’s about entertainment, enlightenment and empowerment.
We specialize in creating digital experiences that help people connect
with the most adventurous and powerful attributes of themselves.

From virtual reality to video games to mobile apps, Engaged Media Studios brings
innovative technology and creative vision together to deliver inspiring,
meaningful experiences you’ll never forget.